Becoming Accidental "Flippers" Part 1

Hold on to your seats guys. Here is a long and drawn out story about how my husband + I became an accidental flippers. We bought this home in Fargo in 2016, in the height of the sellers market, to say we settled…is an understatement. We needed a house and every time we looked at something that we loved, it was basically sold. This baby had been on the market for a while and was over priced heap of hodge podge trim, bad painting and even terrible paint colors. I know I sound like a mean salty lady, which I am but every single room had this nasty beige color on the ceiling, not like full coverage, which I would have been okay with. Just a spot here or there and some rooms had florescent blue or hunter green paint spots on the ceiling, tub surround, the trim 

Now that I have painted a great picture (see what I did there?), we bought this house. I am not unhappy that we bought it, I am grateful we had the time and money to do what we did. There were a lot of weird things overall with this house, but let’s start with the master bedroom + other bedrooms . The carpet was old and crunchy, all of the carpet in the house was crunchy. If you don’t know what I am talking about, think of walking on other peoples dead skin cells that have accumuliated since 1992 then shampooed a thousand times, but not rinsed properly. Crunchy carpet, I will get to what we did to the house in future posts, super nasty crunchy carpet 

Next, the bathrooms. They weren’t too bad, poorly painted like the rest of the house, and just really out dated. Also the sub floor was a bit rotted so we needed to tend to that, down stairs was okay because it was on cement. The vanities were old and dated, a little rotted here and there too.

Both of the living rooms, downstairs and up, had some pretty ugly and terrible flooring. Downstairs had peel and stick tiles that was directly on the cement floor, so it was super cold and drafty. Upstairs flooring was an upscale brand, however if it got even a little wet, it would bubble, and expand. I am not sure how anyone with kids or animals could function with that flooring, it drove me crazy! The high gloss was always dirty and icky!

I could go on and on about all of these things, I will get more into it when I talk more about what we did exactly to each room! There are some exciting times ahead of you, reading this “blog.”

Check out the befores below! I only have before pictures from the listing when we bought it. You may also notice that there are no pictures of the kitchen. The kitchen will get it’s own before before post because it was a a downer.

I found this house on Facebook, and I thought “yeah it’s not too bad at all.”  I told Jesse to go look at it, I wasn’t in Fargo at the time. I was with my mom, who had our dogs. We were kind of homeless, thank goodness to our friends who let us put our king foam mattress on their spare room floor. So Jesse looked at it and he liked it, we put an offer on the house that night! 

Exciting times putting an offer on a house, also scary as hell. We got it all right where we wanted and hoped they accepted. Obviously, they did and we had to wait forever to move in.