Part three: a recollection of crappy home renovations and late nights

Do you know what my favorite movie is? It’s Easy A, that’s why the title is the way that it is. That’s all I have in me right now, I need to rewatch it to be better. 

Anyway back to Garbage House, I’m going to start with the first project (other than painting.), the master bathroom!! I know you’ve been waiting for this one, it’s a big one! Everything was a shade of tan, the door had a bunch of holes too. Actually every damn door had at least one hole, even the closet doors, I have no idea how we missed them all. 

We started by tearing up the stupid tile floor, and by we, I mean Jesse. Jesse does most of the work, I just yell at him and tell him what I want. It’s a perfect partnership, or I like to think it is.  


This is Jesse just hammering away at the gross tile, I think we had to cut out that subfloor because it was lower and a bit icky!  

All new subfloor, new tiles, tools. We got all the tile from Menards, I am not sure how much it cost, it was cheaper plus 11% rebate. Those rebates are my favorite thing about house projects, other than the finish product, obviously. If you look closely in the shower, you can see our step stool, aka the toilet. 


We bought quick set mortar, and let me tell you about that. It set too fast. I wasn’t super skilled in laying tile, Jesse has more skills in basically all of this than me, so I let him do it all. There were swears and loud noises, because it all set too fast. You can also see that I have a foot, and so many tools, that laid there for months. 


Here is the finished floor with grout, we decided to do darker grout so it wouldn’t get so dirty. It was a perfect choice, it held up really well, doesn’t get dirty or stained. Again my foot is there, I could crop it but I don’t want to. I want to drive home the fact I am not a good photographer. Not once while reading these posts will you think to yourself, “Wow, Allison is so good at taking pictures.”


Here I the start of the square tile wall. This is where I shine! Each tile gets perfectly placed and perfectly spaced. It was fun to make sure they are all perfect. If you don’t think that’s fun, then we can’t be friends. The next picture is after the grout, mid cleaning. Obviously so excited about it and I refuse to edit any of the pictures. You’ll come to love my photography skills. 


We bought this light from ikea, it was brown. My least favorite color, I don’t even own clothes that are brown. So I spray painted it, I get a lot of guff for spray painting stuff. I have a complete collection of spray paint and it comes in handy at least once a month. We did buy some items from Home Depot, not a lot though. Menards is our favorite store, fun fact! I use to work there in 2008. It actually comes in handy because I basically know where everything is, except they redid part of it so don’t ask me about that part of the store.


Anyway, we bought this vanity from Home Depot, I love having that lower drawer, it is the best part of this vanity. It also can with not only a mirror but also a countertop/sink!! When you are remodeling all-in-ones are the best things to happen! The counter top was a gross tan color so we painted it white, it was super easy and made it. We installed a new toliet too, but that’s a weird subject I don’t want to touch on. 

That’s all I got! I’m going to do a full after a blog post, so no afters here