Accidental Flippers "THE KITCHEN" Part 2

Well, well, well, you made it to part dos of the befores. The kitchen. I honestly don’t know where to start with this place…


See that fridge? Well that one didn’t come with the house, they took that with them and moved an old garbage fridge up there. Here’s a fun story about that fridge, we went to Costco right away after we moved in, a lot of fresh food. The next day or two, we go into our fridge and try to make supper. Every bit of meat that we had bought was rotten, because the fridge wasn’t cold enough to keep food cold, but keeps beer pretty chilled. So to recap, we JUST moved in, like three days in, and already had to buy a new fridge. Super funny, huh?

Basically this is where the accidental flipper status comes into the picture, we had to buy a new fridge right away. We bought a french door one because we are fancy and like french doors, obviously it doesn’t fit in the tiny spot that the previous one (just a regular one door fridge) was in. We lived with not being able to open the oven all the way, lots of burns from the oven not opening, and a lot of unused space in the corner.

A while later, I have no idea how long I have no sense of time, we decided to move our new fridge to where the pantry cabinet was, and move the one right beside it on the wall and the one right by the dishwasher. After we moved the pantry cabinet, we had some maneuvering to do with the others to make room. Instead of getting it all done at once, we were lazy, I was out at a meeting and Jesse was doing something else. He heard a loud crash and he told me that it “scared the crap out of him.” He used a different word I am sure of it, but I am not sure if I can swear in a blog.


Do you want to know what that crash was? Too bad.

Just kidding, it was a cabinet, falling off the wall. It fell. OFF. THE. WALL. It was only holding on to the pantry cabinet, Jesse may say otherwise, like there may have been tiny screws holding it to the drywall, but I don’t actually know. To make matters worse, ALL OF THE DISHES were in that one, they were all (basically) broken. I am happy that they were just IKEA ones, and not my mom and dad’s wedding china. The carnage lies below… I actually didn’t cry, which is surprising, but it did leave a scuff on my kitchenaid mixer. Almost brought me to tears. 


After that, we decided to just go all in and renovate the whole dang thing! We didn’t save the cabinets because they just weren’t worth saving. The melamine cabinets (you know the kind, white cheap, ugly, and in every apartment) were painted with the “accent” wall paint, without primer, I actually listed them on Facebook as “Poorly painted cabinets.” The guy who picked them up said to me “you weren’t kidding.” The paint would peel off super easily, it drove me mad, but I also enjoyed peeling the paint off.

I got a little ahead of myself, we decided to redo the kitchen partially because the cabinets were straight garbage, but also the floor. The floor was, uh, like foamy and stretchy, once we moved the fridge it ripped it all to shreds. Even when the dogs were playing it got ripped, sometimes I would peel that too, it’s like peeling a banana 

Then not only did the dishwasher basically stop working but it also was the loudest dishwasher known to man. We had to run it twice (I’m probably over exaggerating) to get the soap to come out, and for the dishes to actually get clean. We also couldn’t run it at night because it was so loud, like a train in the kitchen.

The only appliance we didn’t have to replace was the microwave, it worked great but was pretty gross inside. We replaced it to match the rest of the appliances because there is nothing I hate more than mis-matched things. 

Check out one more before below, I don’t think that I have anymore “fun” stories about the before kitchen. Until next time!