Budgets + Pricing

Where do you start when it comes to you budget and what do flowers cost?

I am not sure what the Knot says to budget for your flowers, but I think that if flowers, your dress, venue or whatever is important to you, then spend that cash on it! People can judge you all they want, but guess what, it is not their money or their day! Also I LIVE by this .gif and so should you, if you don’t watch Schitt’s Creek, you can get out right now.

We are soo much harder on ourselves than other people are on us, because they are being too hard on themselves. Don’t worry about following the trends and other stuff, but again that’s for another blog post!
I totes get it, the budget is a HUGE thing when planning the wedding, I was there I did my own wedding flowers and let me tell you, it doesn’t save your sanity or patience but that’s for another day.


What goes into the price of flowers:

  • Bridesmaids, how many?

  • Guest counts, do you have a million tables? or just a few?

  • Kind of flowers, do you have to HAVE peonies, proteas etc.?

  • Season, goes hand and hand with above topic.

  • Do you like big bouquets and you can’t lie?

  • insurance, water, and other bills florist have to pay (these go for everything basically)

  • Most florist are professionals, and most professionals aren’t giving their services away for free.

  • Supplies, there are SO many supplies that we need. Tape, and not scotch tape, zip ties, foam (or even non foam mechanics) flower food, buckets, bucket cleaner for flowers, and blah blah blah

If you don’t give one crap about flowers and just want greens or artificial or nothing, I don’t care, I won’t be offended. Sure, you can save some money but just having greens, but even greens and babies breath cost money. Also baby’s breath smells bad and I will fight you about that. Jesse told me one time that it smelled like dog pee, there was a ton of it but still.

Floret + Foliage Wedding Bouquet, Nicole Midwest

In all seriousness, I think that a budget needs to be seriously thought about, I know not everyone can afford a huge wedding filled top to bottom of flowers, and that is fine. Be up front with all of your vendors about your budget, you can meet with me and tell me “I don’t have a budget.” To me that mean, flower walls and flowers every where, to you it probably doesn’t mean the same thing. When you give an actual number we can more than likely work with what you want, granted some things aren’t always in budget, but we can try!

I will be complete honest with you when you inquire with me, I don’t want to do more work than I have to (go ahead call me lazy, but proposals are HARD.) I will make sure that you aren’t expecting a $10,000 wedding when your budget is $2,000. I don’t want you to cry sad tears on your wedding day, only happy tears and if that means you don’t book with me, that’s okay! I promise that this will be the extent of the snarky, rudeness of this blog post, I am very passionate about budget and pricing because it is hard for all of us. I LOVE Target clearance, so I understand the thrill of a good deal! I also will probably be snarky, sarcastic in all blog posts.

Please come back, I apologize in advance for all of the Schitt’s Creek gifs too, except I don’t really feel sorry

Images provided by : Kiella Lawrence Imagery , Nicole Midwest