Image by Two Birds Photography

Image by Two Birds Photography


Floret + Foliage was born out of a love for flowers + gardening, and helping people make their lives a little happier, because life can be hard. I started working at Hornbacher’s, while going to school for landscape design. After a few years we moved to the cities and I started working at Sadie’s Floral. Seriously, if there was dream job I thought I couldn’t get, it was this one. I learned how to design 2+ full weddings a week by myself, how to get set-ups done, and late night tear-downs and how to manage the traffic in the cities. I am not going to lie, I got a tad burnt out after two years, but it didn’t kill my love of flowers + my brides. I decided that I wanted to use what I have learned from all my previous employers and spread sarcasm + joy with florals!

About Me

Hello! I am Allison, official flower handler of Floret + Foliage. I live in Wahpeton, with my bearded husband, Jesse; three dogs, Ruxin, Penny, Carl, and one cat, Lewis affectionately known as Poopis. You can always find me in my natural habitat of Target wearing my favorite Costco leggings, carrying a huge americano.

  • I rarely brush my hair, and it is almost always in a pony tail or a bun, and probably a different color than the last time you saw me.

  • I am a serial killer of house plants, I love to over water and under water all at the same time.

  • I love to stay up kind of late, and sleep in, my best ideas come to me at midnight usually!

  • I for sure leave a piece of hair everywhere I go just in case I get murdered, aka I have listened to too many true crime podcasts.

  • I have a tendency to use my mouth while designing, don’t worry I don’t have a lot of spit, but I almost always find my hair in flowers, sorry guys. I have ripped a few layers of lip skin with floral tape.

  • While designing, (and always) I love to listen to podcasts, Parks + Rec, the Office, + Schitt’s Creek. If you haven’t watched that, you NEED to.

  • My favorite flower is the mighty ranunculus.

  • My favorite nickety-name I have is Kiki, from my nieces.

  • I really enjoy a delicious tart mango cart on a pontoon, and chicken scaloppini, not on a pontoon.

  • I cry super easily, like if I laugh too hard, or if I am happy, or if someone else cries… so if you plan on crying around me, please give me a tissue.